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test_log2.txtA test script that goes through all permutations.
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Improved log checker for Solaris, with state retention.
Improved log checker for Solaris, with state retention.

I found that the version of check_log included in the default monitor package doesn't work perfectly on Solaris: it needs a bit of tweaking... Which is what I've done for the script.

Also, I've added state retention. It's a bit of a hack, but hey! I needed a quick solution.

The original script sends a Critical when it detects the string you've queried the log file for, but it clears that same Critical immediately if the same message is not repeated once the monitor runs again. Meaning that, if there are no updates to your log file, the Critical will only be around until the next time the monitor runs.

Not very handy if the Critical occurs during the night.

This new version of the script creates a file called $oldlog.STATE in /usr/local/nagios/var (which should be 755, nagios:nagios), which contains the exit status for the last detected _changed_ status... If there are no changes detected in your log file, this old exit state is repeated.

The script has been tested on Solaris 8, Mac OS X 10.4 and Redhat ES3.

UPDATE 19/06/2006:
Cleaned up the script a bit and added some checks that are considered the Right Thing to do. Should have done this -way- earlier!

Also stomped out a few horrendous bugs! I'm very sorry for putting out such a buggy script earlier... If you've started using the script in your environment, please download the latest version. Thanks to Ali Khan for pointing out these mistakes.