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Check the messages file for errors

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check_messages_file.shCheck Solaris messages file
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Check for errors in the messages file
This is a log check script that is very basic but works very well for the majority of hardware issues. The only downside is that it doesn't create a compare file as the check_log script does and will not auto clear until the next day (or if you fix it and rotate the log file) This script also checks if the OS is Solaris or linux and if it is a linux box it will scan the /var/log/messages instead of the /var/adm/messages file I have yet to see any alerts from my Linux boxes so I cannot verify how well that works!
Reviews (1)
bymtarkowski, November 1, 2012
Will not work for me. I get the following error:

egrep: /var/log/messages: Permission denied
OK - No major errors found in messages file.

I tried changing the file messages file owner, group, and permissions but no luck.