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Check Services on SUN Solaris (5.10) with svcs

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check_svcsShell Script
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Shell Script Plugin to Check the state of the Services on Solaris.
solaris svcs check script, writen as shell script, not very complex ;-)

the follwing states are reconized:

0 | OK | if online
1 | WARNING | if disabled
1 | WARNING | if maintenance
2 | CRITICAL | if offline
3 | UNKNOWN | if not available or it returns another state
Reviews (1)
bybored, August 18, 2011
This script is needed some correction:
"grep $1" must be replaced by "grep "$1: ""
This is necessary to do correct change service with rather like names.
For example, if system has systel-log and system-log-ng services, your version just use first (by list, by A-Z order).