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Category: Linux

Nagios plugins for monitoring Linux systems.

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Category Listings:
There are 343 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

example processing service performance data

A script to store performance data in rrdtool databases written in perl.

freebsd check memory that uses /sbin/sysctl instead of vmstat for FreeBSD

GFS Counters

GFS performance data. Returns values under Absolute from "gfs_tool counters" for trending purposes.

GWFL Nagios Plugins has moved...

You can find the GWFL Nagios Plugins under Plugin Packages!


check temperatures, fan and powersupply status with the hplog utility for HP proliant, etc servers. No need for snmp

HylaFAX fax queue monitor

Plugin to monitor how many jobs are currently in a HylaFAX fax queue.

Hylafax faxqueue

Watch to the hylafax faxqueue

Hylafax Queue Check

Another Check Plugin for Hylafax. You have to run it with ssh. The Plugin only checks for faxes with errors, not for the count of them in sendq.

IBM WebSphere MQSeries Queues Monitor

This simple plugin gets deepness in MQSeries queues, and returns his value.

Inter server port monitoring

Hi Team, Plugin will helps you to monitor whether given port is listening between the Server A and Server B or not. i.e from Server C you can check port listened between Server A to Server B. Achieved the same by writing two lines of simple code. ...


Linux CPU Check with Top 5 Processes

This Plugin provides hopefully all the info you would ever need about your CPU: - Returns Stats for User, System, and IOWait - Allows for setting Warning/Critical levels globally or for each individual stat - When a Warning or Critical threshold is ...

Linux Process CPU Utilisation

Linux Process CPU Utilisation A check plugin to look at process CPU and Memory utilization


Linux Ram & Swap memory

Simple shell script that checks for Ram (- buffers/cache) and Swap memory at the same time comparing them with the specified thresholds.


Linux SNMP Wizard

Linux SNMP Wizard This is a wizard that streamlines SNMP setup with Linux machines, or any machine that uses the Net-SNMP package.

Linux Software Raid Plugin for 32-bit and 64-bit system...

Checks Linux Software Raid (also known as MD Raid). Works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems

memory or ram checks

simple nagios plugin to calculate memory available in your linux system and it also accounts for buffer and cache as well. tested in debain and rhel systems.


Monitor ESX hosts in Nagios with CIM and SSH

With attached instructions and scripts you can monitor the following on ESX hosts: * Diskspace (using ssh) * Temperature, various sensors depending on parameter (CIM) * Fans * On HP systems: Disks and RAID status (install HP esx bundle, reboot require ...



Bash script checks mpt-status exitcode for detailed status and exits with WARN-CRIT level, according to inner variable. Includes mpt-status output as extended info. All params are forwarded to mpt-status, so if your RAID adapter is on 1st channel - use ...


nacup (check apt debian)

Nagios plugin (Debian packaging) to check for upgradables packages


Nagios Alert Emailer

A direct replacement for the basic nagios email command. This perl script will take standard Nagios commandline parameters and send an email to a configured email server, recipient and address.

Nagios Alerts via gmail and python

A simple replacement for the standard Nagios email command. It consists of a Python script to send Nagios Alert Notifications (email) with Gmail using TLS.

Nagios Checker

The Firefox browser statusbar indicator of the events from Nagios.

nagios on xampp

Project to use xampp project as a webserver an simple for install the program

nagios-plugins-linux Popular

A suite of plugins for monitoring any Linux server or Linux appliance.


Network Bonding

Check if physical interfaces are plugged in, and warns when one link is dead.

Novell SuSE Linux filesystem check plugin for Nagios

This program checks the usage of the monuted filesystems. It detects all mounted filesystems and compares the usage of them against the warning and critical value.

NRPE init script

Just a script to facilitate restarts of nrpe and automatically start the nrpe daemon at different run levels.

nrpe plugin:

Plugin to get info from /proc/meminfo. This plugin lets you get any info from meminfo, including anything that may be architecture specific or added in the future. As well as getting performance data, you can also set warning and critical thresholds t ...


Plugin to check Servers Load using SNMP

I tried a perl script to check the load of several server using SNMP, but it not worked and I could not find hos to do to It work. So, I write my own plugin using shel script!


Proclog Proclog - A Nagios/Linux script to see the running process such Nagios....and so on.... Keep it simple !

Running kernel compared to installed kernel version - u...

Finds the current running kernel version and compares it to the latest installed kernel version. Shows a warning if you need a reboot.


Shows users logged on to a machine. Can alert on certain users being logged in using either a whitelist or blacklist (or both) or if certain users are not logged in. Reflects original Nagios plugin, -w and -c alert on number of users on system.

Simulation using check_linux_raid and mdadm

A step by step guide on using check_linux_raid to test a software RAID device.

Software RAID

Python plugin to check the status of a software based RAID device.

Start Stop Restart NRPE Script

Just a quick script to drop in to your /etc/init.d directory and added it to your run levels using "chkconfig --add nrpe". Afterwards you can run "service nrpe stop, start, restart" commands. This has been tested with Fedora Core &

Check the IO and MB/s for an Device to generate graphs from the performance data. For multipath device returns the data from all devices and the sum.

Check the IO and MB/s for an network device to generate graphs from the performance data.

Temperature Check Dell 6248

This will run a basic temperature check on a dell 6248 switch using the snmp OID detected by snnmpwalk. It should be easy to changed the OID/add an OID flag to use on similar switches


VMWare ESX vdf Virtual File System Check

Checks free space on VMWare ESX 3.5 vmfs datastores using /usr/sbin/vdf -h.

VMWare Server monitor

Monitors a VMWare Server's VMs This is intended to be run on the remote server running VMWare Server via NRPE / OpsView Agent

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