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Monitor ESX hosts in Nagios with CIM and SSH

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  • Nagios 3.x
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With attached instructions and scripts you can monitor the following on ESX hosts:
* Diskspace (using ssh)
* Temperature, various sensors depending on parameter (CIM)
* Fans
* On HP systems: Disks and RAID status (install HP esx bundle, reboot required!)

In principle you can modify the scripts to monitor anything ESX CIM returns.
Attached PDF document describes how you can setup Nagios to monitor ESX hosts using CIM and ssh. The scripts are tested with Nagios v3.x and ESX4 and 5.
You will need the following software installed on your nagios system:
* wbemcli for probing CIM on ESX
* openssh to create keys to login without password on ESX from your nagios system
* plink and pscp from PuTTY, optional to deploy your keys to login easily

Scripts are relatively easy. If you have other intertesting CIM entries you want to monitor let me know and I will create a script for it (in due time, you need to provide the exact CIM entry). I am looking for the Disk and RAIS system status on ESX CIM without the use of the HP agents, have not been able to find them in CIM yet.

Scripts have not been tested 100% (predominately at failure on a system as we have not had any yet)

We are not responsible for any damage on your system using these scripts or guidelines. Scripts and installation guidlines do not come with any warranty. Usage is at your own risk!