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Category: Linux

Nagios plugins for monitoring Linux systems.

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Plugin that check existence of new files since last execution in a specified folder.


Renvoie ok si aucun disque ne sera controlé au prochain demarrage. Renvoie avertissement si au moins 1 disque sera controlé au prochain demarrage. ---- return ok if no disk has to be checked at next reboot. Return warning if at least one disk wi ...



This plugin is dedicated to NFSv4 monitoring (state, performances, errors) for clients and servers.


A perl script that checks all local NFS mounts by forking itself and trying to chdir to it and (optionally) writing to a file. It includes performance data and allows warnings based on thresholds.

Nagios plugin (script) to NFS health monitor (NFS server and/or client side). With this plugin you can define client or server NFS side, RPC services which must be checked, add or exclude NFS mountpoints and add or ignore file which contain the informatio ...


Script to check for stale NFS mounts


Nagios plugin to check the status of a NIS server on a specified host and NIS domain.


A check plugin to query Samba's NMB service


check_num_fds Python check to monitor the number of files opened by a process.



Check whether your OS (Linux of *BSD) should be updated. Works with : Gentoo Debian/Ubuntu RedHat/Fedora/CentOS Mandriva Crux Linux Arch Linux OpenBSD FreeBSD


This script outputs information related to the amount of space and its usage inside all host SATA partitions (sd*). It was made to be used with check_nrpe and it should be placed on the host that is to be monitored, as well as the NRPE server.



Check and alert when a specific local user account is about to expire.



Despite the name this project provides a means of monitoring the status of MAUI (acting as a scheduler for PBS) with Nagios and/or NRPE.


A plugin to check the status of PF


check_pf_carp OpenBSD pf(4) / carp(4) status

Check the ethernet port negociation. you can enter some parameter to filter some eth device --------------------------------------------------------------------- Usage of -------------------------------------------------------- ...


A script that checks for a list of processes


This plugin checks if several processes are running on a remote host.


check_procmemtotal The purpose of this program is to calculate totam memory usage for a set of processes. Example can be tracking of a memory consumption for httpd apache processes. Those processes are forked into many instances. Our program looks for every pid that corre ...



check_procs_multi is a Nagios plugin similar to check_procs able to check several processes at once.


Extended version of check_procs plugin with metric dependant performance data, extended status information and total warning/critical thresholds



Checks if a process (or processes) is running. Uses pgrep to filter the result.

this bash script check if processes matching to a pattern are exceeding a given elapsed time.



Plugin to check the instances of a named process on a remote Windows server.


Linux perl script reports max_files (soft) utilization percentage for a given process


This plugin checks how many users are logged in on a ProFTP FTP - Server. You can specify a warning and a critical limit. Checkable local or trough check_by_ssh or NRPE Update: Corrected perfdata output to make it compliant with Nagios Plugin Guidline sh-compliant script to check a specific process and its cpu/memory utilization (PNP Template included)


Check state of qpage service and queue.

check_raid_gmirror for FreeBSD Software RAID

Check the status of geom(4) gmirror(8) software RAID volumes on FreeBSD 5x and 6x.

check_raid_megarc AMI LSI Dell PowerEdge PERC4 SCSI RAI...

Check American Megatrends / LSI Logic / Dell PERC4 SCSI Hardware RAID Controller under FreeBSD by parsing the output of ports/sysutils/megarc

Check_Ram on Linux 32-bit and 64-bit systems

Checks the ram usage on the local machine, good for remote checks using nrpe. Works on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems.

This script outputs the percentage of free memory RAM and alerts (warning/critical) according to the specified thresholds.



This check command checks if a reboot are required after an upgrade. It will also list packages that requires a reboot to ease the decision for the sysadmin if/when a reboot needs to be carried out. OS Requirements: Debian and Ubuntu (or derivatives) ...



Check the status of a RHES Cluster installation by snmp. This check is deprecated by check_rhcsnmp and check_clustat from monitoringplug.


service check for linux systems.


Check a Rocks cluster for dead nodes


A constant thread - a security breach. This small plugin uses the capabilities of the "Rootkit Hunter", an open source solution downloadable from


Check if a file system is read-only by attempting to create a file



Checks the mount table for read-only mounts - these are usually a sign of trouble (broken filesystem etc.)

check_rpc - modified version

Modified version of the original check_rpc plugin with dynamic rpc list.


This plugin checks the rsync-incr directory, checking the backup.


This plugin check if rsync work good : First you have to create rsnyc script : Exemple attached : After that you can use the script How to use : Usage: ./check_rsync -h for help (this message) -l -p Example: ./check_rsync -l 60 ...


check_slabsize Check that the size of Slab memory does not exceed percentage of total memory.



Check for available package upgrades with slackpkg - the minimal Slackware package manager.



check_smart checks the output of smartctl contained in a file for health, temperature and pre-fail attributes. It also checks the data's age. A way to create a file containing the output of smartctl is to add an cron entry like the following: */20 * * ...



Extended version of the skript from Kurt Yoder and Philippe Genonceaux. Several improvements and fixes. Tested with LSI Fusion MPT, LSI MegaRaid (PERC 4 / 5 / 6, H700, H710) and LSI Fusion MPT SAS 2 on systems running Debian Wheezy. Might also work for ...

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