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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Check_iscsi -
Check various aspects of iSCSI clients
Usage: ./ [-offl (y|yes|n|no)] [-mtu (1500|9000)] [-vlan (1-4049) [-sessions (0-9)+] [ -? | -h | -help ]

Available options:
-offl hardware iSCSI offload, yes|no
query "iscsiadm -m iface -P1" and parse default

-mtu mtu size for iSCSI interfaces, 1500|9000
if offl=n, query "ip addr" and parse mtu
if offl=y, query "iscsiadm -m iface -I $I | grep iface.mtu"

-vlan vlan id, 1-4094 (IEEE 802.1Q standard)
if offl=n, query "iscsiadm -m host" -> obtain IP of initiator "ip addr | grep IP" -> obtain interface name "cat /sys/class/net/eth#/mtu" -> obtain mtu value
if offl=y, "iscsiadm -m iface -I $I -o show | grep vlan_id"

-sessions total number active iSCSI sessions, (0-9)+
query "iscsiadm -m session -r SID -P1" and parse

This plugin only issues state OK|WARN

ONLY works for the following interfaces...
Standard Linux network interfaces
Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II 10 Gigabit Ethernet Chelsio Communications Inc 10GbE Port Adapters
Send me lspci, "iscsiadm -m iface -P1", "iscsiadm -m host"

VLAN is experimental. The code looks like it should work but we don't vlan tagged storage interfaces so I have no a test bed.

Please note: I haven't used this code since 2013 when I worked in a large iSCSI environment. Also it's incredibly inefficient even for perl. I cranked it out one day while I was at the North Carolina beach and mostly drunk. ;)