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Nagios Plugin to monitor your FreeBSD Ports Tree for updates or installed packages with known security vulnerabilities.
check_ports can be called without arguments. The default behaviour is to check installed packages against portaudit for known security vulnerabilites.

PORTS OK - 0 security problem(s).

If a security problem is found Nagios state will change to critical.

PORTS CRITICAL - 2 security problem(s).

If you want to monitor all of your ports and the age of your ports tree you can use this handy switch,
which won't change Nagios state to warning in case of updates:

./check_ports -arp
PORTS OK - 0 security problem(s), 1 Package(s) available for upgrade, Ports Tree updated within the last 24h.

To monitor a jail within your host system with all ports and the ports tree age use this switch.
In case of any update it will return the warning state to Nagios:

./check_ports -wrp -j jailname
PORTS WARNING - 0 security problem(s), 12 Package(s) available for upgrade, Ports Tree updated within the last 24h.

Please check the homepage for additional information.