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check_pfsense (numerous checks)

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  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
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check_pfsense (numerous checks)
This is a collection of scripts I've put together over the years for monitoring pfSense. I used them as a check via SSH proxy, but you could use them via NRPE as well. The Linux Included website has an in-depth discussion on how the various checks work. It also talks about the recommended settings and how to configure the SSH solution beginning to end if you're not happy with the NRPE method for whatever reason. Please feel free to add to the checks and/or give me feedback!

Checks currently include CPU, memory, pfSense services, VPN/IPSEC tunnels, interfaces, state table, firmware version, CPU temperature, system uptime, and more!
Reviews (1)
Good plugin and scripts.