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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
check_snmp_generic.plGeneric SNMP Plugin (Perl)
nagios_config_examples.txtNagios Configuration Examples
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Log Management Software - Nagios Log Server - Download
Netflow Analysis Software - Nagios Network Analyzer - Download
Generic SNMP-Plugin written in Perl

  • Features:

    • Compare numerical and string values (see -S)

    • Combine multiple numerical values by giving 100% and x%-OID (WARN/CRITICAL will be interpreted as %) (see -r)

    • Sum up multiple values (see -r)

    • Search specific values in a table (see -T)

    • Compare numerical differences over time (see -e)

    • Adjust numerical values to make them more compareable (see -D)

    • Use every encryption-Method available (V1-3) (see SNMP config-file)

  • Limitations:

    • Extended Range-Definitions like :10 or @10 are not supported

    • No Multiple-output values (eg Load over 1/5/15 Min together)

    • No combination of Table-values with anything else

This is a generic SNMP-Check-Plugin for Nagios. This Plugin checks the current value for 1 or more OID-values. WARN and CRITICAL is given by % or absolute value, based on --relative option. WARN = 10(%) means inklusive 10(%) up to critical (exklusive). String-comparing can be done by specifying a Regex with --regex. This Plugin will check autmatically if the given WARN/CRITICAL-values are down or upraising. An example for a upraising definition is Disk-space-useage: -w 80 -c 100. If the needed value resides in a table, this can be done by combining --table and --regex
to select specific columns and search der right row. On numeric-compare this regex MUST capture a numeric value!
This Addon uses Net-SNMP v5.5, which should be set up correctly (config-file configuration needed) Additional Parameters can be given by the -N Parameter.
Reviews (1)
bySetti, September 18, 2012
I'm using this plugin to get some SNMP data from our UPS, because Frequency and other data are integer values, but must be divided by 10 to get the real value (IE a value of 505 -> 50,5 Hz).
When do you plan to integrate threshold ranges? i need to checkof example that input frequency keeps between 40 and 60Hz. How can i do it without ranges?