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INSTALL.txtinstall instructions
check_printer.tar.gzplugin source
check_printers.diffpatch against nagios-plugins-1.4
check_printer.tar.gzplugin source - update v0.13
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generic check for printers supporting SNMP Printer MIB (RFC1759) or Printer MIB v2 (RFC3805)
inspired by check_hpjd from the original nagios-plugins, I've written this plugin.

It queries prtAlertTable from the Printer MIB.

It honors only prtAlertTrainingLevel = trained(4) or fieldService(5),prtAlertTrainingLevel = other(1),unknown(2),untrained(3) and management(6) are ignored.

For prtAlertSeverityLevel = warning(4) the plugin result is "WARNING",

for critical(3) the plugin result is "CRITICAL", obviously,

for warningBinaryChangeEvent(5) (new in RFC3805) the state is by default "WARNING", but there is a hardcoded table of change events, which result in state "CRITICAL"

I'm using it to monitor 35+ printers (mostly HP, but also Kyocera and Epson) for things like toner state, paper jam and hardware errors.
empty paper trays are not monitored, that can be done by users themselve ;-)
Reviews (1)
byandrei, December 5, 2010
Thank you for this plugin. It fitted very well in my infrastructure and I can monitor a lot of printers. Keep up the good work.