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PHP check_traffic

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script to check interface status and traffic on the interface by PHP cli
I wrote this script based on the idea of //**tiochan** get_snmp// (you can find it in this repository).
Actually the script is almost completely different, it use full duplex algorithym and snmpv2 by default; and it implements temporany files logic like

More information can be find on the script itself. It lacks of some usability information, but its use is pretty simple.

+++++ usage example:

/usr/nagios/libexec/check_traffic.php -H=host -C=community -I=Ethernet0/0 -n=3 -w=30,80 -c=40,90

-H= host
-C= community
-I= name of the interface like description
-n= oid of the interface (last identification number only)
-w= in,out % warning threshold
-c= in,out % critical threshold

+++++ contact me
Feel free to send me ideas, suggestions or bugfix reports: **matteo //(at)// progettomio //(dot)// net**
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