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Category: FTP

Nagios plugins for monitoring FTP.

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Category Listings:
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Check folder content via FTP

Perl plugin that count the number of files in an FTP folder.


More functional check_ftp

check_ftp (with STARTTLS)

This plugin makes an FTP connection to a nominated server, optionally including a STARTTLS upgrade for FTPS. It does not support implicit FTPS.



This is a simple script to check how much space is left on a FTP space. Even the performance data for graphs is available.


Test active/passive FTP + upload/download



This plugin check the available space, in percent, of a ftp server. It is primarily used to check if a backup ftp server (like those provided by dedicated server provider) is not full.



Downloads a specific file via FTP and verify how long it takes.


This script uses lftp, a sophisticated ftp/http client, to check not only that a give FTP account is accessible, but that it is also able to list files and directories, to get and put files and to delete files. This simple script is fast, easy to configur ...

Checks the size and number of files in nested directories with FTP/FTPS.



check_ftp_rw uses Perl Net::FTP and Net::FTPSSL to check ability to login, change directory, read and write test file to/from FTP and FTPS.


check_ftp_rw (w/performance meter support)

This is just a minor update to the check_ftp_rw plugin at: The plugin is now able to put performance data to draw a performance sheet to ...


check_ftp_rw (w/SFTP support)

This is just a minor update to the check_ftp_rw plugin at: The plugin is now able to utilize Net::SFTP::Foreign for support of the SFTP protocol also. Thanks ...



Uses Net::FTP to login to an ftp server for a better-than-tcp-port check.


check_oftp Check OFTP (Odette FTP server) connection.