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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 1.x
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios XI
check_iftraffic3.plcheck command
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This check has been superseded by check_iftraffic64 (,-Stats-and-Bandwidth/check_iftraffic64/details ).

Update to the check_iftraffic plug-in first released by Gerd Mueller (Netways GmbH) and updated by Markus Werner, 'sos', and lastly by Greg Frater.
Changes in this version:
* Now it automactially determines interface speed, if it's not specified on the command line
* Added option to display results in bits (except absolute values, they are still in Bytes)
* Added current usage in bytes (or bits) per second to the performance data as the second set of output (note this may break your perfdata charts due to a change in the order of the perfdata.
* fixed the performance data, formating was not to spec
* Added a check of the interfaces status (up/down).
If down the check returns a critical status.
* Allow either textual or the numeric index value.
Interfaces can now be specified by index name 'Intel Pro 100' in addition to interface numbers.
* If the interface speed is not specified on the command line
it gets it automatically from IfSpeed
* Added option for second ifSpeed to allow for asymetrcal links
such as a DSL line or cable modem where the download and upload
speeds are different
* Added ability for plugin to determine interface to query by matching IP
address of host with entry in ipAdEntIfIndex (.
* Added -L flag to list entries found in the ipAdEntIfIndex table
* Added GigaBytes/bits as a unit option
Reviews (5)
I use the vanilla code and i observe that the warning state return over the critical state. in my opinion it's due to the place of the condition in the code. So i switch the line 386
if ( ( $in_usage > $crit_usage ) or ( $out_usage > $crit_usage ) or ( $if_status != 1 ) ) {
$state = "CRITICAL";
with the line 392

if ( ( $in_usage > $warn_usage )
or ( $out_usage > $warn_usage ) && $state eq "OK" )
$state = "WARNING";

this resolve the issue for me
bySysManSD, October 14, 2015
Hi, this is the best tool I have tasted on Nagios for monitoring BW on a Fortigate Unit. Thanks.
bydseira, October 25, 2011
This is a very useful plugin. I can look the bandwith of all my devices in the network. The problem I have is I can't monitor devices that have SNMPv3 authentication. Is possible to do that with this plugin?
bydone, May 31, 2011
the units of bandwidth are changed accordingly to K,M,G so it can look nice in nagvis weathermaps, but this puts wrong values in rrd databases if you are using pnp4nagios also. There are two choices, either you display the same unit all the time, or add extra perfdata.
Second choice here

byibennett, July 14, 2010
I was referred here from the "weathermap" section of Nagvis.
In my application, I have already collected interface data using MRTG so it seems silly to collect it again.
Is there a plugin that will read the data in an existing MRTG log file for display in Nagvis' weathermap??