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bydone, August 4, 2011
I made a pnp4nagios template which is similar with the one from mailgraph.cgi. Maybe you want to include it in the package. The data is displayed only in two graphs.
Owner's reply

There was in fact a PNP4Nagios template with check_mailstat.pl v0.9.1. However, I only updated it in my blog, and forgot to upload it here, sorry for that.

bydone, May 31, 2011
the units of bandwidth are changed accordingly to K,M,G so it can look nice in nagvis weathermaps, but this puts wrong values in rrd databases if you are using pnp4nagios also. There are two choices, either you display the same unit all the time, or add extra perfdata.
Second choice here http://docs.quah.ro/nagios/check_iftraffic3.pl