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Cisco IP SLA check

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
  • Nagios Fusion
  • Nagios Reactor
check_cisco_ip_sla-1.1.1.tar.gzAll files needed in tar.gz format
check_cisco_ip_sla-1.1.1.zipAll files needed in zip format
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Checks the status of one or more IP SLA entries on a Cisco IOS device. Supports echo and jitter SLA's.
This plugin can check the status of one or more IP SLA entries on a Cisco IOS device. IP SLAs can be used to monitor
IP service levels for various IP applications and services. See the Cisco website for more details on SLA entries and their use.
One simple usage example is to monitor a multi-connection failover routing setup to monitor SLAs which ping the other
end of each line. SLA's can be set up to monitor a line/route and when this line goes down, the corresponding SLA will go down which this plugin can monitor.
This is just one example, however SLAs can be configured for various other tasks. For more info on IP SLA's, see the manual
for your Cisco device on IP SLA's. An example is
the manual for a Cisco 4500 series (
At the moment, rtt-types echo, pathEcho and jitter are supported and tested (aka icmp-echo, path-echo and udp-jitter). Other types need to be implemented or at least tested. Suggestions and/or help is always welcome.
Reviews (1)
byanburhce, March 12, 2017
Thanks marteen for the nice plugin .
it is working very nice as we expected .