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  • Nagios 3.x
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check_jmx4perl is a Nagios Plugin for monitoring JEE Server via JMX. It uses an agent based approach where the plugin accesses a special servlet deployed on a JEE Server. check_jmx4perl has been tested on a multitude of JEE Servers.
'check_jmx4perl' is a Nagios Plugin for accessing JMX attributes. It uses an agent based approach where the plugin accesses a special servlet deployed on the JEE Server to monitor. This agent (and agents for other platforms) is provided by Jolokia (

Benefits of this approach compared to the traditional way of accessing JMX remotely via JSR 160 connectors are:

* No Java installation required on the Nagios host
* Fast plugin startup times because no JVM needs to be launched.
* No special JEE Server startup options required in order to access JMX information remotely
* JSON serialization allows deep access into Java objects
* Firewall friendly communication via HTTP

However, jmx4perl can be operated in a proxy mode where a dedicated proxy server accesses the target platform via JSR-160 JMX remoting. This allows for an agentless operation without the need of installing any extra software on the target server.

Beside this technical advantages, check_jmx4perl provides also a rich feature set:

* Access to JMX attributes and return values of JMX operations for monitoring purposes
* Incremental mode for monitoring the velocity of value changes, e.g. the growth rate of the thread count
* Relative monitoring of values by providing a base value attribute, e.g. for checking that the memory used is below 80% of the available memory
* Deep access to arbitrary Java bean attributes, e.g. the statistics values of a JSR77 Stats object
* Alias names for common attributes and operations
* Selective access to a predefined set of MBeans by providing an access policy file to the agent servlet

This plugin has been tested on a multitude of JEE Servers (JBoss, Oracle Weblogic, IBM Websphere, Glassfish, Tomcat, Jetty and more). It will work on any Servlet Container running on at least Java 1.5.

'check_jmx4perl' is part of a larger distribution, jmx4perl. In addition to this Nagios plugin, jmx4perl contains tools for exploring and examing the available JMX MBeans on the JEE-Server so that it is easy to discover the MBeans and attributes worth monitoring.
Reviews (1)
I've been using this with Nagios for years. It's very flexible, well maintained (currently at version 1.10), and has good documentation. It works with jolokia on the appserver side so it doesn't require Java on the monitoring servers. Includes a shell and command line utility in addition to the plugin. The developer has done a great job!