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Category: Apache Tomcat

The java-based servlet server from Apache

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check_jvm checks various properties of locally running JVMs and returns performance data

LicenseGPL (sites running under TOMCAT) This is my first Bash script, let alone first Nagios Script, so please excuse any errors, and I welcome advice. I wrote this script as I didn't have access to the management console for Tomcat with ...


check_tomcat (bash)

check_tomcat (plugin for Nagios) The 'check_tomcat' script is designed to monitor Apache Tomcat through JMX Proxy Servlet in combination with 'check_by_ssh' plugin. The first step is to ensure that the central Nagios server is able to connect to the re ...


check the tomcat /manager/status page for excessive memory usage or an excessive number of threads in use.


Check tomcat servers: -Status -Memory -Threads -Applications status Proyect page:



check_TomcatApplication is a Nagios plugin to check a specific Tomcat Application. 2014-09-08 The plugin has been updated and new implementations will be developed.


check_TomcatApplication updated

This is an updated version of : The reason for my update was the script was very useful but did not generated any graphical output ...



This plugin checks the number of active sessions of a specific context or total sessions number on the server.


A simple plugin that monitor tomcat, jboss and any java application HEAP level Memory utilization.