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Yet another plugin to check domain names expiration against whois servers. This one supports .am, .asia, .biz, .ci, .cn, .com, .edu, .info, .me, .net, .org, .ru, .ua domains, but please leave a comment if you want another tld added.

This script can check multiple domains, which may prove convenient if you need to generate a single alert when a group of domains expire simultaneously.

Domains may be directly mentioned as script parameters and / or within files.
Disclaimer: *requires tclsh in PATH*

Supports .am, .asia, .biz, .ci, .cn, .com, .edu, .info, .me, .net, .org, .ru, .ua domains.
Please leave a comment if you want another tld added.

Usage: check_domain-0.5.tcl -c crit_days -f domains1.lst -f domains2.lst -s sleep -t timeout -w warn_days domain1 domain2 ...

(all parameters optionals)

-h: print help
-c num: maximum # of days for critical status (default: 7)
-w num: maximum # of days for warning status (default: 28)
-t num: timeout - if whois query lasts more than timeout, it is interrupted and the state of the queried domain becomes 'warning'
-s num: some whois servers won't allow burst of queries, and reply to these with no exploitable informations. This parameter allows the script to sleep between queries so as to prune it's queries rate.

Domains may both be mentioned as arguments or within files.

* check_domain.tcl

* check_domain.tcl -f file
(where file contains one domain name per line)

* check_domain.tcl -f book_my_name_file -f gandi_file -f praise_on_file
Reviews (3)
bygsi0, May 12, 2014
Could you just add:
and russian ?? zone, please?
?? zone is something like this:
Owner's reply


I added .am, .me, .ru and .ua zones. zones should be served by .ru whois server from Russian Institute for Public Networks (ripn), but I had no test value (I usually test by prefixing 'sex' to the tld part; most often such domains exist :-).

Can you expand on how to query ?? zone ?

I am trying to make the plugin read from a file that has the full list of domains but I cannot make it to work. I also tried to check a DNS individually but it failed as well :( Help?

In the commands.cfg file I have it as:

'check_domain' command definition
define command
command_name check_domain
command_line $USER1$/check_domain -f $ARG1$ -w $ARG2$ -c $ARG3$

n the localhost.cfg file I have it as:

define service{
use generic-service ; Name of service template to use
host_name localhost
service_description Domain Exp Date
check_command check_domain!f!30!10
bydjansen1987, December 3, 2013

Could you please help me adding .nl to the check ?

Thanks in advanced!

i found this whois server:
Owner's reply

Sorry pal, this nl registry does not yield any expiration information, neither does