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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
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Check plugin designed for a Thecus NAS N5500, which might work on other models.
It can check and report health of disks, fans and RAID configurations, but also CPU-usage and available disk-space.
This plugin can check the health and status of a Thecus NAS device. It has been developed and tested
against a Thecus N5500 running firmware V5.00.04
Is can check and report CPU usage, system- and CPU-fans, RAID status, available disk space, disk health (bad-sectors) and disk temperature.
It this check doesn't work with your model, please let the author know so he can check if support for your model can be included (or submit a pull request on github.)

Get full usage information
./check_thecus_nas.php --help

Check the health of a device using a config file:
./check_thecus_nas.php --hostname --config-file nas01.conf
    --type health

Check the cpu usage of a device specifying the username/password on the command-line:
./check_thecus_nas.php -h -u admin -p password -t cpu
    --cpu-warning 80 --cpu-critical 90

Check the available disk space of a device:
./check_thecus_nas.php -h -c nas01.conf -t disk-usage
    --disk-usage-warning 80 --disk-usage-critical 90