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FileDescription 1.2.1
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A nagios plug-in to check the Areca controllers via the CLI program.
This plug-in performs a check via Areca's CLI program on the Areca Raid controller. It is able to parse more than one RAID attached to a controller.

By default the CLI program should be located in /usr/local/areca/bin/cli but this can be changed using the --arecacli (-A) option from the command line.

The timeout defaults to 10 second but again this can be changed via the --timeout (-t) flag, you may need to do this if you have a large number of Areca RAID controllers.

For all options use ./ --help, or perldoc, enjoy and please let me know if you run into any issues.

2009-01-21: Version 1.2.1 released: Cleanup some syntax, after long talks with areca support use rsf info instead of vsf info to monitor RAID.

2008-12-23: Version 1.2 Released. Adds autodetection for multiple Areca RAID cards and outputs information on each of those cards. Right now it is all glommed together with no separator, I will fix this in the near future. Please note for upgrades that the --areca_cli option has been changed to --arecacli.
Reviews (1)
We recently downloaded a newer version of the Areca CLI and the header information from the 'main' command is different from the 2008 and back versions. This then confused the on the controller number. We are using the older CLI so we are fine, but wanted to mention. Thanks much for this plugin!