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check_lenovo ThinkSystem

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 4.x
check_lenovo_xcc.pypython script to monitor Lenovo server
README.txtReadme file for the script
sample_lenovo_group.cfgA sample for adding hosts and group
sample_lenovo_snmp_command.cfgA sample for setting the command configuration file
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This is a Nagios plugin (python script) that monitors Lenovo ThinkSystem through SNMPv3 protocol. This Lenovo Nagios SNMP plugin can collect hardware health status of the following components: System health, Power Supply, Temperature, Fans (Cooling Devices), Voltage, CPU, Storage, Memory
update the version to 1.5
* "system-health" can shows summary of all critical info
* add RAID info in mode "storage"
* add more details for power, fans, temperature, voltage, CPU and memory
* simplify command input by setting default value (--mode system-health, --snmp_aprotocol SHA, --snmp_pprotocol DES, --snmp_security_level authPriv)

update the version to 1.4
added CPU, storage and memory; added critical judgment for power and fans; support python2.7 and python3.5
**System Requirements**
* Hardware Requirement
Lenovo ThinkSystem
* Detailed List
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 Server
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR550 Server
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 Server
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 Server
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR850 Server
Lenovo ThinkSystem ST550 Server
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 Server
Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530 Server
Lenovo ThinkSystem SN550 Server
Lenovo ThinkSystem SN850 Server
* Software Requirement
python2.7 or python3.5
net-snmp-utils(e.g, "yum install net-snmp-utils" on RHEL)
* cpu mode:
# ./ -v3 -H 198.126.XX.XX -u USER_SNMP -l noAuthNoPriv -m cpu
OK - System: "ThinkSystem SR650"; MTM: "XXXXXXXX"; SN: "XXXXXX"; 2 out of 2 CPUs are healthy. | 'Number of CPUs'=2;

"CPU 1" status "Normal". Name:CPU 1; Speed:2200; Type:CENTRAL; Family:Intel Xeon; Number of Cores:14; Voltage(mV):1250; Data Width(bits):64; Model:Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5120T CPU @ 2.20GHz;
"CPU 2" status "Normal". Name:CPU 2; Speed:2200; Type:CENTRAL; Family:Intel Xeon; Number of Cores:14; Voltage(mV):1250; Data Width(bits):64; Model:Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5120T CPU @ 2.20GHz;
* Storage mode:
# ./ -v3 -H 198.126.XX.XX -u SNMPUSER -l noAuthNoPriv -m storage
OK - System: "ThinkSystem SR650"; MTM: "XXXXXX"; SN: "XXXXXX"; 6 out of 6 disks are healthy. | 'Number of Disk'=6;
-------------RAID Controller information------
RAID Ctrl 1: Name:ThinkSystem RAID XXXXXX (PCI Slot 4); Firmware Version:XXX-XXX; Drives List:Drive 8 ,Drive 9; Manufacture:Lenovo; UUID:XXXXXX; Type:SAS3408; Serial Number:XXXXXX; FRU Number:XXXXXX; Part No.:XXXXXX;
-------------Drive in RAID Controller---------
Drive Name:Drive 8; Product Name:ST1000NXXXXX; state:Online; Slot No.:8; Disk Type:SAS; Media Type:HDD; Speed:12.0Gb/s; Current Temperature:32 C; Capacity:931.513 GB; Manufacture:LENOVO-X; Serial No.:XXXXXX; FRU No.:XXXXXX; Part No.:XXXXXX;
-------------Pyhsical Drive List--------------
Physical Disk "Drive 0" status "Normal".

Reviews (1)

i get it all done, but unfortunately i don't get an output of the check on console.

When I define host checks etc. i get
"(No output on stdout) stderr: " on the Webinterface.

The Hardware is a Lenovo X3650-M5
Owner's reply

X3650 is not ThinkSystem family, you can modify the OID to support X3650, or try the tool "check LENOVO enterprise flex chassis"