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Check fans on FuSi Server

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check_fusi_fan.plThe perscript Version 0.2 - recommended
check_fusi_fan.shold shell-script
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This Perl-script checks the status of fans (cooling devices) in server from Fujitsu Siemens (RX100, ...).
There are two files attached to this project. Use either the perl-script (recommended) or the shell-script (legacy).

This perl-script checks the status of fans in servers from Fujitsu Siemens (RX100, ...). It requires that a SNMP-agent and the FuSi ServerView agent are installed on the checked host.

Net::SNMP is required.

The perl-plugin is bilingual - German and English output is possible, depending on a variable set in the script. Use '--help' for further info.

The shell-script does the same, but is much less efficient: It reads the whole table (whereas the perl-script reads just the columns needed) and makes use of temporary files. I will not use it any more and there will be no bugfixes and improvements. It is just added for completeness.