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PowerConnect Switches

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Current Version
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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
check_powerconnectVersion 1.32 Script
check_powerconnectVersion 1.5 Script
check_powerconnect_versions.txtVersion History
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Check uptime, port status and environmental health on Dell PowerConnect switches. Global OIDs are used where possible for maximum compatibility across all models.
*** LATEST CHANGES: Split up "asset" check to only report Serial / Service Tag. New "description" check will return make & model. Also rewrote code to support SNMPv3 checking. Along with this came improved error handling and also use of passing user-friendly -- parameters. Finally, simplified output and and improved perfdata.

This plugin attempts to get you as much information as needed out of your Dell switches.

Usage for SNMP v1/2c:
check_powerconnect -H {host/IP} -t {type of check} [-C {SNMP community}] [-p] [-w] [-c] [-S]

Usage for SNMP v3:
check_powerconnect -v 3 -H {host/IP} -t {type of check} -u {user} -x {protocol} -X {password} -a {protocol} -A {password} -l {security mode} [-p] [-S] [-w] [-c]

Possible checks to run are as follows:

So, to check the status of port 2:
check_powerconnect -H {host/IP} -C {SNMP community} -t port -p 2

Or for ports 1, 3, 6 and 10:
check_powerconnect -H {host/IP} -C {SNMP community} -t port -p 1,3,6,10

To check the status of the power supplies:
check_powerconnect -H {hostname / IP address} -C {SNMP community} -t psus

As the Dell manual for our PowerConnect specifies - 1 switch is treated as a "stack" , so interpret output appropriately.

Although loss of *redundant* power is not typically critical, I have treated it as such to ensure you receive an e-mail (without having to tweak the plugin configuration).
Reviews (2)
byjeremie.legrand, May 23, 2017
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Thanks for your job. It would be great if we can trigger a warning when the number of active ports is under a specific value.

For example, warning if only 7 ports are up, and critical if only 6 are up:
./check_powerconnect -H ip -C public -t ports -w 7 -c 6

Best regards,
Jeremie L.
byraprop, June 27, 2012
Hi... im test the plugins and work, but require some changes, dont work with all switch dell. Im test with 35XX, 33XX, 80XX, 60XX, 62XX, 53XX, 54XX.

assets work fine but some models dont return nothing, idem for temps, then scripts failed and show execution error.

minor error code, but is a begin ^^
Owner's reply

Can you e-mail me more details My script relies on Dell publishing the information to the same location and using the same standards for all equipment. It is possible some models do not follow these standards. I need model #s and a list of what is not returned and I can give you some things to try.

Also, any output from the execution errors would be helpful