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updated IronPort Plugin for C/X- and M-Series appliances

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Compatible With
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
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Updated check_ironport plugin for C/X and M-Series appliance from 6.x onwards (including upcoming AsyncOS 7.5)
This is a script to check RAM, CPU, Active Recipients, Work Queue, Mail Rate, Status, Oldest Message and AsyncOS Release on Cisco Ironport Email Security Appliances (ESA) and Cisco IronPort Security Managment Appliance (SMA).

Modified to include feature key license expiry checks for the following feature keys:

McAfee, Cloudmark SP, IronPort Image Analysis, Sophos, Bounce Verification, Centralized Management, IronPort Anti-Spam, IronPort Email Encryption, RSA Data Loss Prevention, Intelligent Multi-Scan, (Virus) Outbreak Filters and Receiving

Centralized Web Reporting, Centralized (Email) Reporting, Centralized (Email) Tracking, Centralized Spam Quarantine, Incoming Mail Handling and Centralized Configuration Manager

Expired feature keys will raise CRITICAL alarms whereas the usually perpetual feature keys (such as Receiving & Bounce Verification) will be listed as OK.

Works with AsyncOS 6.x and above and is already altered to include the Outbreak Filters feature implemented in the upcoming AsyncOS 7.5 release.

It is based on XML status file obtained via HTTPS. It need HTTPS enabled and at least a "guest" user to authentication.

This plugin is based on the check_ironport plugin modified by Paul Robinson and Steven Geerts which was originally written by Claudio Saavedra. Thanks for the inspiration.