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Ironport Plugin modified

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check_ironportIronport Check Plugin for Ironport
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This is a script to check RAM, CPU, QUEUE, Work Queue, and Mail Rate and other important parameters on Cisco Ironport Appliances
This is a script to check STATUS, CPU, RAM, MSG per Hour, incomming connections, outgoing connections, QUEUE, Work Queue, number of messages in the quarantines, disk utilisation, queuedisk utilisation and Resourseconservation state on Ironport Appliances.
It was tested on C series appliances, working with no problems on AsyncOS 5.x and above, and Nagios 2.9 and 3.0.3 on Linux.
It is based on XML status file obtained via HTTPS.
It need HTTPS enabled, a at least a "guest" user to autentication.

This plugin is based on the check ironport plugin written by Claudio Saavedra (thanks for this very good startingpoint!)