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  • Nagios 3.x
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perl script intended as wrapper around the 'zmcontrol status' command provided by zimbra
This perl script is just a wrapper around the 'zmcontrol status' provided by zimbra.

I use this to check the zimbra status from the nagios server with the ssh remote check.

To work with nagios user you need something like this in your /etc/sudoers file :
nagios ALL=(zimbra) NOPASSWD:/opt/zimbra/bin/zmcontrol -h
Usage: [options]
stopped service are ignored until some daemon is faulty
stopped service give warning state if a service is faulty
stopped service give critical if a service is faulty
-e service1,service2,..
list of excluded services from monitoring
enable debug mode
display usage information

If you have some idea about improvement please send me any suggestion.
Reviews (2)
byabakusp, September 4, 2014
This checks the output of "zmcontrol status", so it detects an error when zimbra already fails in some way. I't goot at what it does and here is a fix for the change in 8.5 version:

> # parse every line exept the first
> }
I think there is a problem with the exit codes.
The exit status of a Nagios plugin should be 0=OK, 1=WARNING, 2=CRITICAL, or 3=UNKNOWN, but if the plugin is not run as zimbra user or if the zmcontrol executable is not found the exit code is 0 (OK).