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Checks the state of the public store. check_exchange checks the state of the public store, e.g. ONLINE, OFFLINE, PENDING-ONLINE..

Nagios plugin - check_exchange 0.1 for Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003

Copyright (c) 2007 STIC GmbH -

NOTE: Microsoft Exchange Management Tools are required.

-h Help

-debug Enable debugging output

-server Connect to server

-mn Check mailbox store by name

-pn Check public store by name

-mp Check mailbox store by path

-pp Check public store by path

-ok Return OK if store state matches (see below)

-warn Return WARN if store state matches (see below)

-crit Return CRIT if store state matches (see below)

-lmb List mailbox stores

-lps List public stores

-exver Display exchange server version

-dirsrv Display directory server name

-serial Display serial number

-cn Display servers CN

-dn Display servers DN

-dname Display servers admin display name

-datapath Display exchange servers data path

-instpath Display exchange servers installation path

Valid states:

N = online, F = offline

M = mounting, D = dismounting

You can combine these states: -warn FMN -ok N