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byslayder66, May 6, 2018
Problem on execute command, result:

Job name:Backup_X3v7_4vm_SRVBACKUP OK Last run // : Job name:Backyp_X3v7_4vm_NAS OK Last run // :

no date last run and no ""OK: Job in progress""

help please ?
byslayder66, May 4, 2018
Veeam Backup Check - Via Event Logs
hello, I have 2.8.22 centreon and nsclient ++, in my nsclient.ini I have:
check_veeam_eventlogs = check_veeam_eventlogs.ps1 'Backup X3v7 4vm SRVBACKUP' 24

and the answer on centreon is:
Command line usage: check_veeam_eventlogs.ps1
Nagios NCPA usage: agent / plugin / check_veeam_eventlogs.ps1 / /

while command-line powershell directly execute on the server in question, the command:
check_veeam_eventlogs.ps1 'Backup X3v7 4vm SRVBACKUP' 24
works very well.

I feel that nsclient ++ does not approve of ' or space in my job?

thank you