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Query the SEP Sesam Database for backup stati
The plugin checks the status of all backups which match the Host / Task that have been completed since the last check and delivers the data in multi-line format.

It is possible to separate multiple hosts and/or tasks with commas.

Backups that are still running will not be included in the results.

It requires that the Sesam init script has been sourced; e.g. add the following line to /etc/init.d/nagios

. /var/opt/sesam/var/ini/sesam2000.profile

EXAMPLES -H host1 -T testbackup -l $LASTSERVICECHECK$

checks all backups with name testbackup on host1 since the last check; always returns OK -H host1,host2,host3 -T testbackup,fullbackup -l $LASTSERVICECHECK$ -w 2 -c 1

checks various tasks on host1, host2 and host3. Returns a warning if less than 2 were successful. Returns a critical if less than 1 was successful -H host1,host2,host3 -T backup -l $LASTSERVICECHECK$ --anyerror

returns a critical if any of the matching backups failed --lastcheck `date -d "yesterday 08:00" +%s` --until `date -d "today 08:00" +%s` --anyerror

checks all hosts between two dates