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Symantec BackupExec job check

27 votes
check_be.exeExecutable file for Windows
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This is a check for Symantec BackupExec for Windows (v10 and v12). It checks correct execution of a specific scheduled job.
This executable file must be run on the Windows server where BackupExec is installed. It will process all the BackupExec job history files, find the most recent occurrence of a specified job name, then it will return the current status of this job. It can also return a 'warning' or 'critical' status if the last job found in the history is older than the specified amount of days.

See the 'check_be.txt' file for more information.
Reviews (17)

With Backupexe 15 (14.2), I've got random result on the same job. example:
- The plugin check the last job of one server, the status is ok. The next check, the status is nok because it "forget" the last job, analyse the job before, and exit with a warning or critical (job too old).
- few minutes later, at the next check, the plugin discover again the last job, and the status become ok (recovering).

It's unusable in production at now for me :/
thanks for your work
Installation was a breeze. And it works on BackupExec 12.5!
bysmarechal, June 5, 2014

Is works well on BE 2014 too.
Thanks a lot!
byTetelu, September 30, 2013
Nice script, it does the job.

The cause for the error mention by seanmylne is that there are too many xml files in
c:\program files\veritas\backup exec\nt\data
c:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data
depends on your version.

I've made a bat script to fix the error with "Too much XML files" and set it to run daily.

@echo off
set bakpath=^0x22C:\Program^ Files\VERITAS\Backup^ Exec\NT\DataBackup\backupxml^0x22
forfiles -p "C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\Data" -s -m BE*.xml /D -20 /C "cmd /c mv @path %bakpath%"
DataBackup\backupxml - the folders need to be created or changed.
/D -20 = 20 is the number of days to keep the files.

You could also just delete the files, etc.
Hope it helps.

excellent script! It works well for all backup servers running both backexec 2010 and 2012 being monitored that I have set up apart from one :-( I get an error when running the following:-
/omd/sites/backupchecks/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -H x.x.x.x. -c check_be_App4-Apps-i -t 30
check_be: Too much XML files. Aborted.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?


Very nice but it needs the ability to specific whether exceptions are a failure or not!
For "Test run" type job it throws critical state while the job finishes successfully.
It works perfectly with older versions of BackupExec, but when I try to monitor a version of BackupExec 2012 I get the following error: "check_be : No XML file for job name "
Hello Mr. Ottavi,

I’ve read your documentation for your script check_be, but I think you forgot to mention the part with the

command definition. How should the command definition look like in the commands.cfg. It is not defined on my nagios, but the plugoin check_nrpe exists in my plugin folder
Could you please help me out with this. On the remote system nsclient++ is already running

Thank you


bysampinar, February 5, 2012
Works like a charm. BE Server 2010
Thank you.
bysmmiller88, September 13, 2011
Does exactly what it says and easy to setup.

One caveat would be if there could be an option to use the American date format.
byyannix, August 18, 2011
Work prefectly with BE 2010 R2 v13
byzeedjej, March 1, 2011
Very good plugin but as "thezub" says I would also prefer an OK state if the backup completes with exception since there are nothing we can do about our exceptions and it's not considered as errors.
byVisMon, February 16, 2011
It works good. :) thx!
bythezub, November 14, 2010
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I find this plugin very nice, but it gives me a warning, because my job finished with exceptions. But thoose exceptions has to be there, so there is no error, is there a way to fix this? :-)

kind regards
bychaput11, October 28, 2010
Nice plug-in
do what it's has to do
byremc0, June 10, 2010
Works like a charm.
Including a good help file !
Thanks for the nice work.