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Check Exchange Backup (BackupExec)

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I wrote a new way of checking Exchange Backups, simple just needed to check the in AD the “Last time backup” of the Storage Group. I wrote the much simpler and much more precise script to monitor Exchange Servers Backup. It reports Warning if the backup is > 2 < 5 days, if its over 5 days old it reports CRITICAL.
It is my 3rd custom Nagios NRPE_NT Plugin, so my code is getting better.
Script to Parse Backup Exec logfile .XML (gets based on today’s date)

Calculates how much data was written to Tape and total supposed backup size.
The supposed backup size depends, in our case we backup all Disks but the C:
and so I calculated in a Dynamic way. It Could easily be change to have fixed size.

It takes the percentage comparison between Total Used Space X Total backuped Space
Example Backuped 90% of the supposed space then raise warn if only 70% raise critical!

check_backup.vbs <-v 1> -w 80 -c 70

-v 1
-w Warning % of Backuped Space
-c Critical % of Backuped Space.

http://www.xoroz.com/files/scripts/nagios/check_backup.vbs Download