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check_amanda.pl - Disk-to-Disk

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This is a Nagios plugin to check that

* All configured backups have a recent backup item
* Backup sizes exceed a minumum size
* A least N backup items are configured

* If you are using Amanda backup,
* If your backups go to disk (Disk-to-Disk backups)

Then this plugin is for you.
*Now also supports open source Amanda, as well as the Zmanda product*

This check reads the files named disklist.conf or disklist which are present in /etc/amanda/backup-set-name/

It creates a list of all Disk List Entries (DLEs).

A DLE is a backup item - normally a file-system on a client host.

No additional configuration is required.

For the backup items (DLEs) found, 3 things are checked by this plugin:

* Minimum backup age
warning or critical if the most recent backup (for any item/DLE) is more than 2 or 3 days old. This is configurable in hours. Either level 0 or level 1+ backups qualify.

* Minimum backup size
warning or critical if the most recent level 0 backup is less than 32k or 64k, respectively. This is configurable in k, M, G or T

* Minumum number of backup items (DLEs) found.
Critical if less than 1 backup item found, configurable.

In addition, the plugin will also

* Report as performance data the total size of all level 0 backups plus the most recent level 1 backups (for capacity planning), suitable for use with PNP4Nagios.

By default, every backup item (DLE) which is configured is checked, but the check can be restricted to a particular backup-set or client server.

A PNP4Nagios template is also provided.