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Check by SSH the effective cluster role of an EfficientIP device compared to an expected role. perl module Net:OpenSSH is required.



Check Nutanix Cluster Software by SNMP and SSH



Check different aspects of Datacore Storage (VirtualDisks, Clients, Servers, PhysicalDisks, ...) by SNMP Do check_datacore.pl --help for syntax



Check locally the status of OpenHA cluster by using /usr/local/cluster/service command. Can be executed by SSH, NRPE or an SNMP extension. for syntax, do check_openha.pl -h


Perl connector plugin to PRG monitoring solution using their API. You need the API URL, a login and password to it and the name of the sensor It requires curl tool. check_prtg.pl -h for syntax

Check Fortigate hardware health by SSH

It connects on a Fortigate with a login and password and use the 'execute sensor list' to determine the hardware health. You can restrict check to some hardware items, exlude them, change teh default prompt, the criticity. ./check_ssh_fortigate_env.pl - ...


Mail2Nagios, a Nagios status generator from mails

This Perl tool can transform unformatted mails to NSCA messages or GED messages (EyesOf Network Generic Event Dispatcher). It happens sometimes that the only way to monitor a system is to configure mail notification on it. The idea is to transport this ...


Perl scripts to monitor Windows servers by Winexe

The archive contains example scripts that use Winexe to execute commands or monitor something 1- check_winexe_remotecmd.pl : launch remotely a Windows command by winexe 2- check_winexe_powreshell_remotecmd.pl : launch remotely a PowerShell script by Win ...