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Daniel Wittenberg - Scaling Nagios At A Giant Insurance Company

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This presentations covers all aspects of Nagios needed to scale to a large environment with over 35,000 devices and 1.4 million service checks. It discuses the hardware, operating system, Nagios Core, plugins, and configurations that you can use in a large scale deployment. It also covers some performance tuning guidelines that you can use to find some of your bottlenecks and where you can look to improve your configuration. Some plugins covered include PNP4Nagios, NSCA, NRPE, DNX, Livestatus / Multisite, Puppet, Splunk, and Cacti.
Reviews (1)
bymguthrie, September 18, 2012
Even a year after this was given, this is still one of the best resources around for large Nagios implementations. I refer people to it all of the time. Thanks Dan!