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Anders Haal - Business Activity Monitoring With The Nagios Platform

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One of the buzz words in the enterprise IT industry today is BAM - Business Activity Monitoring. The concept was “invented” by Gartner and puts the focus on monitoring business information and notifications in real-time. The driver behind this concept is to enable the business, not IT, to better monitor business processes to enable better informed business decisions, quickly address problem areas, and re-position organizations. Simply put - BAM would be for business people what IT infrastructure surveillance is for IT operations organisations. This presentation shows that Nagios in cooperation with other open source software can provide an excellent platform for any BAM initiative. It gives an overview of an open source project, bischeck, that implements some of the key functionality, essential in BAM projects. bischeck is licensed under GPL2 and integrates with Nagios over NSCA with passive checks. bischeck is developed with sponsorship from DHL Freight.