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Integrating Mod_Security With Nagios XI

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The purpose of this documentation is to provide a guide on installing Mod_Security with the Apache webserver and Nagios XI. This guide is directed towards Nagios XI administrators interested in securing the Nagios XI frontend with Mod_Security.
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In this document (TROUBLESHOOTING SECTION) it refers to the config file for excluded rules in the wrong directory.
--------------- quote -----------
The [id “....”] is what we are looking for, to add to the excluded rules. Simply modify the
/etc/httpd/conf/mod_security_excluded_rules.conf file and add the new rule between statements like below:....
------------ end quote ----------

should be: (conf.d not conf)


took me a while to find why it would not work!
Owner's reply

This document was originally written for Centos 5.x varieties, where there is no conf.d default directory. While with newer versions of Centos I would agree with your placement, in either can see the conf directory works just fine as well, although I do understand the differences.