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Phone & SMS alerting service for Nagios and all your other monitoring tools.
PagerDuty generates phone call and SMS alerts from any monitoring software that sends emails, including Nagios. Simply configure Nagios to forward a copy of its alert emails to a PagerDuty provided email address.

* Graphical creation of on-call schedules.
* Multi-level escalation chains with both automatic escalation after a timeout and manual escalation.
* Customized per-user notification sequences. Each user can receive alerts using any combination of phone calls, SMSes, and emails.
* Alarms can be suppressed, escalated, or resolved directly from the phone. No need to pull out a laptop if an alert comes in at a bad time.
* Full incident logging shows all actions taken in response to an alarm.
* Email based triggering supports integration with nearly all monitoring systems. Allows for centralized alert management across all of your monitoring tools.
* Regex email filtering ensures alarms are only triggered when appropriate.