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Nagmap Reborn

Current Version
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Nagmap Reborn interconnects directly with the information generated by the monitoring systems, providing a user-friendly interface for monitoring servers and services, through geographic visualization on the map.

Making it possible to easily and visually identify the status of what is monitored, it is also possible to view summary information about each host, in addition to some exclusive features.
NagMap Reborn is an initiative to improve the original project NagMap which according to his own description is an "... super-simple application to integrate Nagios or Icinga with Google maps. The integration aims to visualize current status of network devices on aerial photography images. It also aims to give administrator basic information on devices to do further investigation of their status..."

Simple to install application with gets information from Nagios config files and status files and displays the network topology using Google Maps API - standalone software, does not directly integrate with Nagios source - and that is a good thing when upgrading Nagios! :).

NagMap Reborn uses Leaflet API and OpenStreetMap.


Many changes were made with this update, here the main ones:

- Use of modern technologies;
- Separation of front-end and back-end;
- Maintenance facilitation;
- Better performance and scalability (Handles large installations well);
- Complete redesign of the frontend;
- New styles of icons;
- The ability to create custom icon styles natively;
- It is now possible to overwrite parameters via the URL, providing an easy way to use more than one monitor or monitor different hostgroups at the same time;
- A bunch of new cool features;

Source code and additional download files available on