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Autoinstall Nagios under Ubuntu

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This Shellscript installs Nagios 3.x (CVS) and the Nagios-Plugins 1.4.11 automatically under Ubuntu.
This Script is coded to install the latest Nagios-Version (CVS) and the Nagios Plugins 1.4.11 automatically!

It's meant to be a help for testing, searching bugs or simply to install Nagios and the Plugins without harking back to the Ubuntu-Package.

First the dependencies will be fixed, missing packages will be installed via apt. The next step is adding the
groups and user which are necessary for Nagios. After that the latest Nagios Tarball will be downloaded and
installed. If errors occur while the installation process you have to kill the script (Ctrl + c) and fix it
manually. After that you can run the script again. Then the standard-user (named "nagios") for the Frontend
will be created and you will be asked to set a password for it.
Done, Nagios is installed. Now the plugins are going to be installed. Same procedure, downloading, configuring,
installing. I tried to meet all requirements, so that every plugin will be compiled, but i did'nt check it.

Have fun.

Beware: this README tooked me longer then the whole shellscript, if any problems occure -> not my fault :-P
Tested on Ubuntu Gutsy Desktop Edition (x86) and Ubuntu Gutsy Server Edition (x86). It works.

With some little work it can be run unter Debian, and with some more work under every else distribution.