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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
Exfoliation is a simple makeover for the Nagios Core web interface. It consists of two folders that overlay on a stock Nagios installation.
Installation Instructions: Move the existing 'stylesheets' and 'images' folders aside for safekeeping, then expand the exfoliation tarball. That's it!

For example,
cd /opt/nagios/share
mv stylesheets stylesheets-orig
mv images images-orig
tar xvfz /tmp/exfoliation-x.y.tgz

On debian/ubuntu systems it is slightly more complicated:
mv /etc/nagios3/stylesheets /etc/nagios3/stylesheets-orig
mv /usr/share/nagios3/htdocs/images /usr/share/nagios3/htdocs/images-orig
cd /tmp
tar xvfz exfoliation-x.y.tgz
mv stylesheets /etc/nagios3
mv images /usr/share/nagios3/htdocs

If your Nagios has side.html instead of side.php, insert this:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/common.css" type="text/css" />
Reviews (4)
byjaward916, October 10, 2011
12 of 13 people found this review helpful
bymberman, December 20, 2010
8 of 9 people found this review helpful
Much easier on the eyes than the default style, and trivial to install. I'm happy I did.

One thing, though: in the screenshots, the sidebar is styled, but on my instance, it's not. Looking at side.html, it doesn't appear to reference any of the stylesheets. How can I make my sidebar as clean and modern looking as the rest of my pages?
bymrcleanx2, November 5, 2010
7 of 8 people found this review helpful
A little more contemporary and much easier on the eyes.
bypestigarribia, November 3, 2010
6 of 7 people found this review helpful
Excelent, some tips to get it working in ubuntu:

htdocs folder is on: /usr/share/nagios3/htdocs (you must put files here but first backup!)

you should move stylesheets to /etc/nagios3/ to get it working or change nagios.cfg to point to new directory.