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Category: Linux Interfaces

Linux interfaces (GUIs and CLIs) for Nagios.

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Category Listings:
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Nagcon is a console application interface to Nagios which gives you an overview of all services with troubled services.

Nagios Watch

A Gtk-Perl frontend for viewing the current status of Nagios.


Extracts information from Nagios-config and writes nice Graphs


Nagiosmap is a Perl/Tk app desined to work with Nagios that allows you to graphically create 2-D coordinates for the statusmap CGI by dragging hosts around.


nagios_commander A simple bash wrapper for the largely undocumented Nagios API which can access all common front-end operations.



nagnu ncurses gui for status of hosts and services.



Nagstamon Nagstamon is a Nagios status monitor for the Windows desktop. It resides in systray or as a floating statusbar at the desktop showing a brief summary of critical, warning, unknown, unreachable and down hosts and services and pops up a detailed status over ...


NCS: Nagios Check Status

NCS: Nagios Check Status Set of scripts for output to the console/alarm/terminal/mail/image; based on the status of host/services monitored by Nagios.



Osesm is a GTK+ frontend for Nagios. Osesm provides configuration wizards and drag and drop support.

Thruk Popular

Thruk Thruk is a CGI replacement which connects to multiple Nagios instances using the Livestatus addon. It is designed to be a "dropin" replacement and covers all of the original features plus additional enhancements for large installations and increased usab ...