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Nagstatus Vista Sidebar Gadget

4 votes
Nagstatus.gadgetGadget installation package
nagxmlstatus.cgiNagios status.dat -> XML conversion script, required by the gadget
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A Vista Sidebar Gadget that displays summary statistics of systems monitored by Nagios and nagxmlstatus.cgi script for providing Nagios status information in XML format, required for the gadget. V1.5.0 (updated 2008-06-29)
This gadget displays statistics summary of systems monitored by a Nagios server. Clicking on the gadget brings up a flyout that displays a list of all hosts and services monitored by the Nagios installation, along with a coloured dot that shows the status. Also for non-OK hosts/services, the check plugin output is displayed.

As Nagios itself does not lend it's data in a programmatic way, the gadget contains a Perl script that must be placed on a web server that has local file access to Nagios' status.dat file (usually on the Nagios server itself). The script requires XML::LibXMLPerl module, that is available on most linux distributions as perl-XML-LibXML (on rpm-based distros) or libxml-perl (on debian based distros).

To install, double-click on the file on a Vista computer. For further details, see README.txt in the installed gadget folder (usually in %UserProfile%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows SidebarGadgets).

Developed and tested under Nagios versions 2.6 and 2.10, should work at least with 2.x versions. As of nagxmlstatus.cgi version 1.4.2 also Nagios 3.x has been tested to work ok.
Reviews (2)
bygds, November 26, 2012
dead link : Microsoft gadget site doesn't work anymore
bybemenaker, February 7, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Installed on Win 7, connected to my nagios3 server in less than 5 minutes. Quick easy status updates.