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Nagios Tray Monitor

2 votes
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This addon (similiar to Robert Wagner's NTray addon) gives you a system tray icon that displays the current system status.
The improvements over the Perl NTray project are that the program will display the host and status information for each service that is affected. The program provides a web browser interface that connects to the Nagios installation, so you are able to view additional information easily. It is known to work with Nagios version 1.x. It uses an Internet Explorer ActiveX control, so you will need IE 5 or greater on your computer for it to work. To use it, just extract the zipfile to a folder of your choice, and run the ntray.exe program. It should prompt you for configuration information the first time you run it.
Reviews (1)
bysivann, February 11, 2011
the application just hangs in Vista 32bit. Perhaps it cannot handle https urls.