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  • Nagios 3.x
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The Ninja project is an attempt to develop an alternative Nagios gui with the aim of being the most useful open source web front end for Nagios. You will be able to use it as a combination or replacement to the existing CGI's. Ninja is work in progress and we would love to get your input, ideas or most preferably patches ;)
Reviews (2)
byweeeee, June 13, 2022
This supposedly open-source project has no source code available online as the company responsible for its development has been bought by the ITRS Group. Even when the source was last available, it was not practical to use as many non-free libraries were required to get anywhere and the provided instructions were lacking.
byjedblack, December 7, 2011
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I've used this interface since its early versions, they have a solid company backing the development and it very sleek, support ldap auth[no cheesy apache ldap), fast, ajaxy, and has very VERY good reporting abilities.

Save yourself a lot of headaches and just give Ninja a try...