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NagiosTV for Nagios 4

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Current Version
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Compatible With
  • Nagios 4.x
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NagiosTV for Nagios 4
Watch one or more Nagios servers on a wall mounted TV (or your desktop)
This is a simple display of current host and service problems.
New items slide in and out of place with animations.
NagiosTV is a simple, clean interface to watch the status of your Nagios server. This version works with the built-in Nagios CGI files to tap into the status data. No database or 3rd party plugins required!

This UI runs entirely as a web page. A Node.js web server is also included which can serve the user interface and provide optional proxying of requests to the Nagios server.

Check out the github page for installation instructions and feel free to open issues there or reach out to me for help with installation. Since this is a new project I'm happy to help you set this up until all issues are ironed out.