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Teeny Nagios Featured

7 votes
Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
tn_home.pnghome: grance overview.
tn_hosts.pnghosts:list of monitored hosts. yellow is warning, red is critical.
tn_host.pnghost: list of services of this host.
tn_services.pngservices: detail of service.
tn_downtime.pngdowntime: you can submit scheduled downtime by host or by service.
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Teeny Nagios
Teeny web interface for Nagios with smartphone(iPhone, Android).
Teeny web interface for Nagios with smartphone(iPhone, Android).
Reviews (4)
This is a really good phone interface. It uses jquery mobile, so it is nice and slick. I was also able to hack in Nagios Authentication fairly easy.

I just wish it did more. There is no way to acknowledge service problems or anything like that. It is pretty much strictly view only, except for the scheduled downtime thing which isn't really clear on how to make that work.
byVan_Thang, October 25, 2011
Nice and comfortable interface but how can I add authentication into index.php. Anyone can help me?
bydceola, September 23, 2011

I like the interface of this app, but my hosts are not being color-coded to match their status. Also, is there any way to make it Only show Down or critical hosts/services? With a few hundred hosts, it is hard to view everything.
bymguthrie, June 30, 2011
Super easy to install, should work for any Nagios Core or Nagios XI install. Great mobile interface!