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mysql database loader

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loadlogs.plLoad nagios log files v2.1
loadconfig.plLoad nagios configuration
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Load the Nagios logs and configuration into tables in a mysql database.
This consists of two perl scripts, which use the DBI and DBD::mysql perl modules, plus the Nagios::Config module (for the config loader).
The loadlogs.pl script load logfiles from the archive directory into a logs table in the database, after filtering them according to your preferences.
The loadconfig.pl script loads the nagios configuration files (including hostextinfo.cfg) via the Nagios::Config perl module into multiple tables in the mysql database.
You can then use the mysql ODBC drivers for windows to report on these tables using Access or Excel.
This is a first version, so no instructions other than the built-in help text. Set up a mysql database and user, configure the scripts, and it should be clear.