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VMware Nagios XI Monitoring Wizard

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  • Nagios XI
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VMware Nagios XI Monitoring Wizard
A Nagios XI configuration wizard that simplifies the process of monitoring VMware host and guest servers.
Follow the instructions described in the Monitoring VMware With Nagios XI document.
Reviews (3)
byepilar, February 25, 2012
All the installation process was done, but when I try to monitor my ESX server, all the services status show "ESX3 CRITICAL - Auth file must contain both username and password"

Anybody can help me ??

byashman, February 22, 2012
Works as described, may take a few attempts at installing the SDK but if you follow the instructions to the letter, it works!
Hi.. I've followed all the installatiion instrutions successfully according to the PDF, however, when I run the wizard and attempt to monitor a guest, I receive the following error: "It appears as though the VMware SDK has not yet been installed on your Nagios XI server. You must install the SDK before you are able to use this wizard."

I'v accepted all of the defaults when installing the Perl SDK on our RHEL 5 server.

Any thoughts?
Regards Nathan