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Splunk Deployment Server Check


If you use Forwarder Management (also known as Deployment Server) to configure your infrastructure, you really want to make sure your Clients/Forwarders are up-and-running. This Powershell Script will check that all clients which logged into Deploymen ...

/Category:Active Checks

Splunk Forwarder Mangement Client check


The Nagios plugin ensures that all your clients (Indexers, Search Heads, Forwarders) are running at least the defined Splunk version. Otherwise an error will be generated.

/Category:Active Checks

Splunk license usage check


You want to keep an eye on the license usage, as 5 warnings of the daily indexing volume using the enterprise license or 3 warnings using the free license will cause a license violation. A license violation will deactivate Splunk searches but not the i ...

/Category:Active Checks

SRX Chassis Cluster Check


a little Nagios check script that I wrote to hook into our in-house Nagios monitoring platform. It makes sure the chassis cluster has not failed over operating in a degraded state, and makes sure that there are two BGP peers connected. Note: Might ha ...

/Category:Active Checks



swat SWAT - Simple Web Application Test (API). SWAT provides DSL to easily write smoke tests for web application and also command line tool to run such a tests. Test results are provided in TAP format which might be converted to many other ones with Nagio ...

/Category:Active Checks